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Epigaze Audio Announce The Civic Crown Overdrive

Epigaze Audio is proud to announce the Civic Crown Overdrive.

Overdrive units such as the tubescreamer and bluesbreaker are common for a reason –they do what they do well and can be added to most any rig with success. The Civic Crown is an original circuit that represents Epigaze Audio's venture into this space – a overdrive pedal that will sound good in any rig. The Civic Crown includes the internal switches for headroom and bass boost as well as the 3 band EQ allowing users a wide range of tones. The gain and level knobs light up as you play, getting brighter as you dig into the guitar.

The Civic Crown is an excellent choice for gain stacking or as a utility for multi-guitar rigs which may benefit from a different EQ and headroom level respective to the guitar being used. Use it to fatten your strat or to brighten your les paul – the flexibility is there for you.

The Civic Crown overdrive is available through Epigaze Audio dealers,, and on May 31, 2017.

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