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Larrivée Guitars Announces Special Edition Silver Oak Larrivée 03 Series Models

(PRESS RELEASE): Larrivée Guitars and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd are pleased to announce immediate availability of a limited run of 03 Series Silver Oak acoustic guitars.  Priced identically to standard 03 models, these exquisite special editions feature free of charge upgrades to stunning solid Silver Oak back and sides, a Premium solid Sitka Spruce top (as used in Larrivée’s 10 Series) and black stripe body binding (from Larrivée’s 09 Series).

Personally selected by Jean Larrivée as one of the best kept secrets of the guitar building world, Silver Oak has a sound as jaw-dropping as its figuring.  When asked about Silver Oak in a 2014 Guitarist magazine interview Jean explains, "It is one of the best woods I've used. We made our 45th anniversary [guitars] with this wood, so I feel very strong about it. It was a real surprise at the beginning. I thought it was a freak so I made a few others and the results were the same, so I decided to make many of them."

He goes on to observe,"I find some people fall into the trap of 'listening with their eyes' when it comes to evaluating esoteric tonewoods. If the colour of the wood is light some people prepare themselves to hear a colder sound. If the colour is dark they want to hear a warm sound. Don't fall into that trap with this Grevillea robusta. If anything, it has a slightly more rounded attack transient, excellent balance and a very transparent midrange register. The overall sound seems to have a less aggressive edge with more delicate nuances: very pleasing to the ear!"

Body shapes include a P-03E parlour guitar equipped with a Shadow Nanoflex pickup, a dreadnought-shaped D-03E with LR Baggs Anthem pickup system and four OM orchestra models, including a non-electro OM-03 model, two OM-03E electro-acoustic models with either a Shadow Nanoflex or LR Baggs Anthem pickup option and finally an OMV-03E electro-acoustic model with LR Baggs Anthem system and Venetian cutaway.

All models are made in the USA, come in a Larrivée hard shell case and are available on a first-come first served basis.

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