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Godlyke Releases EMMA Okto-Nøjs Octave/Fuzz/Synth Pedal

The first new model from EMMA Electronic in nearly 10 years, the ON-1 Okto-Nøjs is actually two pedals in one—a super-accurate, fast-tracking Octave down (the Okto) combined with a dynamically responsive, synth-like Octave-Fuzz (the Nøjs).   Both sides of the circuit are 100% analog and feature high-quality buffers and true bypass switching for the best sound quality possible.

The ON-1 Okto-Nøjs ™ offers the following features –

OKTO Channel –

  • Proprietary tracking circuitry to create a sub-octave that locks in fast and remains stable
  • Can track accurately down to the open-E string of a Bass Guitar
  • Tone control can go from round, fat subs to the hollow, nasally honk of a vintage Boss OC-2
  • NØJS Channel –
  • Harmonic distortion generator that creates a unique Octave-Fuzz effect
  • Reacts to playing dynamics to create spitting, swelling, synth-like drive sounds
  • Gain, Tone & Level controls adjust fuzz section from warm overdrive to squelchy foldback distortion with blossoming note filtering
  • Nøjs control blends in a square wave sub-harmonic that can be thick & meaty or edgy & aggressive depending on the setting of the Color control.

Both Okto & Nøjs sections can be used separately, combined, or blended with Dry signal to cover a wide range of colors from subtle to extreme.  Clean Octave, Dirty Drive, Overdriven Octave, Synth-Octave or any combination of these are possible with the ON-1’s simple yet power-packed control interface.

For more information on Godlyke’s EMMA Okto-Nøjs Octave/Fuzz/Synth visit


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