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EBS Announces Three New Analogue Pedals

Sweden's EBS has three new analogue overdrive pedals on the way for NAMM 2017: the Black Haze, Drive Me Crazy and The Drive. All three were developed for guitar but work with bass too, the company says.

All three pedals features a Drive, Tone and Volume control. Drive Me Crazy and Black Haze also features a character switch that can be set to Thin, Normal or Deep.

A new compact housing design includes recessed jacks to reduce space between pedals on a pedal board, and a comfortable angle of the pedal that offers smoother switching with a player's foot.

Also new are EBS's Premium Gold Flat Patch Cables which are designed to maximise the space available on pedals boards. The tiny contact housing (21.5x10.5x5mm) is made of 24 carat gold plated die cast zinc wrapped in a PVC sleeve. They will be available in four lengths: 10, 18, 28 & 58 cm.

Finally, EBS will be showing the Reidmar 500 lightweight bass amp (to replace the previous Reidmar 470). The new model is reduced in size by 10%.

For more information on EBS' Black Haze, Drive Me Crazy and The Drive.


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