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J. Rockett Audio Designs Ushers in the Fifth of the New “Tour Series” and Unveils the Hooligan Fuzz Pedal

J. Rockett Audio Designs has announced the fifth product release of the long awaited Tour Series line.  The “Tour Series” is comprised of all new products designed with the influence of a host of top Nashville and LA touring artists to address their needs on the road.

The collaboration continues with the release of the J. Rockett Audio Designs Hooligan Fuzz. 

The Hooligan is the Tour Series version of the WTF Fuzz but with some tonal tweaks and made to be simple in every way. We wanted this pedal to really inspire players, which can be hard to do with a fuzz pedal. The Hooligan blooms and feeds back, creating all sorts of textures. You can go from a very smooth, Rat type overdrive to the famous Trombetta horn sounds. We feel like we have dialed in the perfect warmth versus the typical, strident sound of a fuzz pedal. The Hooligan is very musical and fun to play!

Hooligan Fuzz features include:

• 3 controls: Level, Gain, Gunk
• I/O jacks at the head of the pedal
• 9V DC operation with standard – tip and + sleeve
• Approximately 4” x 2.30” in size

The Hooligan Fuzz carries a $174.99 street price.

For more information on J. Rockett Audio Designs' Hooligan Fuzz Pedal.



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