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Ritchie Blackmore on Rainbow; “We might do a few more shows again"

Ritchie Blackmore has revealed that a "new-look Rainbow lineup" could indeed perform live again. However, the guitarist has made it clear that any future performances will include fewer Deep Purple classics in the set.

Blackmore was the main driving force behind Rainbow's two surprise appearances at Germany’s Monsters Of Rock and a show at Birmingham’s Genting Arena last month. But following these shows he appeared to refute the idea of any more gigs by claiming;

“I thought I’d just get back to playing the old songs one more time. My commitment lies with Blackmore’s Night – this is just a few dates for fun.”

But Blackmore has since alluded to a return to the stage with vocalist Ronnie Romero, bassist Bob Nouveau, keyboardist Jens Johansson and drummer David Keith when he told Radio Veronica;

We might do a few more shows again. I enjoyed it, especially the last one in England. The first two were a little bit intense because we hadn’t played together – we hadn’t done a lot of rehearsing, so the first two were a bit hectic and chaotic.

But the last one in Birmingham seemed to work to me. It was so weird, I think it was 20,000 people – it sold out in 15 minutes and I kind of wondered who they thought was playing. When I got to the auditorium, it was so vast that I thought, ‘Maybe someone else is playing this show tonight.’”


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