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New DR Strings K3 Coated Range Available in the UK

DR Strings K3™ coated range now available in the UK from Barnes and Mullins.

Barnes and Mullins, exclusive UK distributors of DR Strings have confirmed more additions to their DR string offering.

The latest developments have seen a comprehensive range of the American string company’s K3 coated strings land in the UK, both in the form of complete sets as well as single strings. Suitable for electric, acoustic and bass guitar, the four new ranges of coated strings include the colour coated Red Devils, Silver Stars and Black Beauties as well as clear coated Dragon Skins.

Famed for providing more volume, greater clarity and articulation as well as producing fewer unwanted overtones, K3 coated strings deliver outstanding sound quality that easily rivals uncoated strings.

As well as their tonal benefits, K3 coated strings also allow for greater longevity by offering far greater corrosion protection compared to their standard uncoated counterparts. Notable DR artists currently using DR’s coated strings include Verdine White (Earth Wind & Fire), Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) and guitarist Gus G (Ozzy Osborne / Firewind).

All new K3 coated string sets and singles are available to order now from the Barnes and Mullins.


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