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Beetronics Unveils the Handmade WhoctaHell and OctaHive

Beetronics unveils its first handmade guitar pedals line.

The WhoctaHell is a low-octave Fuzz, with fully-independent controls for the fuzz and the octave. Its od/fuzz is summed up with a gnarly, squared-wave low octave, resembling an 8-bit bass synthesizer. The OctaHive is a super high-gain fuzz with a pronounced high pitch octave. It is based on the 1970s classic Tycobrahe Octavia, but with modern and improved controls such as adjustable pre-gain and the ability to turn off the octave via a toggle switch. When the octave is disengaged, the pedal delivers a thicker and warmer fuzz tone.

The standard and custom series share the same circuitry and sound, however custom series pedals offer special eye-grabbing one-off finishes. All pedals are handmade and there are no two exactly alike–even in standard series. Customers can select different circuits, colors, knobs, jewel lens colors, striping and other preferences through custom orders.

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