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Knightfall 66 and Mini 66 Overdrives Released by Cog Effects

Cog Effects have released two new bass overdrives: The Knightfall 66 and the Mini 66.

The Knightfall 66 features two Gain knobs that can be switched using the A/B footswitch, as well as a Level knob for each Gain setting to make sure levels can be balanced between channels. The Voice knob alters the amount of low end into the clipping circuit, and the Tone knob cuts highs post clipping. The end result is a very simple but extremely flexible overdrive.

In addition, the Knightfall 66 also features a filtered clean channel designed to blend with the overdrive channel in a more natural sounding way - no more "side-by-side" dry/wet blending, just full-bodied massive tones.

The Mini 66 is built into the same 1590A size format as the T-16 Octave and Tarkin Fuzz but retains many of the features of the larger Knightfall 66. The second Gain/Level knobs are removed, and the Voice and Tone knobs are replaced by the Fat and Cut switches. Both switches have three different settings, giving a wide range of easily repeatable settings.

Each Knightfall 66 and Mini 66 is built one at a time and features true bypass switching, engraved aluminium enclosure and no PCB-mounted jacks - designed and engineered for a life on the road.


  • Flexible control sets and pedalboard-friendly designs
  • CNC-engraved Hammond 1590A and 1590BB Aluminium Enclosures
  • True Bypass Switching
  • 9 volt standard DC input on the Mini 66
  • 9-18 volt standard DC input on the Knightfall 66


For more information on Cog Effects' 6 and Mini 66 Overdrives.


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