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Warmoth Introduces a New Body & Neck Concept Both Named “Nomad”

The Nomad Body's angular shape is a guaranteed head-turner, and unlike other similar designs it is thick enough to accommodate tremolo bars, including the Floyd Rose®. The Nomad Neck has a matching design aesthetic, and features Warmoth’s Modern Tiltback construction.

Both the Nomad Body and Nomad Neck offer a huge range of customizable options, allowing you to create your own signature guitar - one that spotlights your own unique taste and playing style. Every Nomad Body and Neck also features Warmoth's unsurpassed build quality.

The Nomad Body offers the following features:

  • Accommodates many bridges, including tremolos
  • Tons of Wood, LamTop, finish, and binding options
  • Many pickup rout options, all with pre-drilled wiring channels
  • 2-3/16” neck pocket that fits a range of necks

The Nomad Neck offers tons of customizable options, including:

  • Full range of wood and finish options
  • Your choice of fret size and material
  • Your choice of fretboard radius
  • Available in 25-1/2” scale, Gibson-scale Conversion, or Baritone-Scale Conversion

Warmoth Nomad Body & Neck 

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