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Prolight+Sound 2016: Live from the Show Floor: Carlsbro’s new Stingray Modelling Guitar Amps

(PRESS RELEASE): The famous British guitar marque launches its all-new STINGRAY D5 and D10 digital modelling portable guitar amps, on its booth #H40 in Hall 4.1 at Prolight+Sound.

The STINGRAY D5 and D10 are being shown for the first time. Described as “a classic British high gain input” digital modelling guitar amplifiers, they are equipped with a 2 x 2 inch stereo speaker system and headphone out, for “bedroom” practice and rehearsal. Two USB ports are featured: USB-A for on-board MP3 stereo recording and playback, and USB-B for connection to a computer for remote control of the amplifier controls and WAV (full bandwidth) recording, via included software. Both models feature a guitar level input and two mic level inputs.

The D5 is a 5 watt combo, with five selectable classic amplifier voices, as well as Gain, Volume, Tone, Effect, Delay / Reverb and separate Mic and (guitar/USB) output level controls. The D10 is a 10 watt amp with eight classic amp voices, and features Gain, Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, Effect, Delay / Reverb, and separate Mic, Aux/USB and Guitar output level controls. The amplifier voices range from Clean, to Acoustic, to Classic British high gain input. On-board effects include a 3-band EQ, chorus, flanger, phaser and tremolo and separate delay / reverb.

Rechargeable integrated Lithium batteries provide up to eight hours mains free operation and subtle “valve glow”simulation indicates the amp is powered on.

Carlsbro UK sales manager Simon Alexander says,

Stingray marks our first foray into digital modelling guitar amplifiers and a move into a more technologically sophisticated type of product, but very much still retaining the feel and tones associated with classic British guitar amps.”

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