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Drop-Down Tuning Strings Among New Additions to DR Strings' UK Catalogue

DR Strings have announced the addition of Drop-Down Tuning (DDT) electric guitar and bass strings to their growing catalogue now available in the UK through distributors Barnes and Mullins.

DR Drop-Down Tuning strings are specially designed heavy gauge strings that deliver accurate and clear lower pitch notes. Extensive development and testing has ensured players using DDT nickel plated strings can change tuning with stability and ease with very little adjustment required. Designed to lock in and hold their tuning, they allow guitarists with a fondness of the dark side to drop tune with confidence. DDT 11-54 gauge Extra Heavy, 12-60 gauge XX Heavy and 13-65 gauge Mega Heavy electric guitar strings sets are available to buy in the UK for£9.10.

The DDT string range includes stainless steel with hexagonal core bass strings that cover a number of gauges ranging from medium to extra heavy and are available for 4 and 5 string bass guitars - retailing at £37 and £47 respectively.

DR Strings sets and single strings are available to order now from the Barnes and Mullins sales team and via their online portal.

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