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Seymour Duncan Releases Innovative Palladium Gain Stage Pedal

Seymour Duncan, a leading manufacturer of pickups and pedals, announces the release of the Palladium™ Gain Stage effects pedal. Palladium is the first pedal to authentically replicate a high gain tube amp, allowing for the extra dimensionality that is missing in effects pedals today. 

Palladium features three gain stages: a gain stage to control the overall saturation, a resonance control for low frequency gain shaping and a boost control that adds overdrive to the beginning of the signal path. These three gain stages allow for a versatile range of tones, from classic rock at lower settings to modern metal at higher gain settings. The pedal also offers a comprehensive EQ, with bass, treble, presence and sweepable midrange-frequency control, so you can make Palladium sound perfect with any amp.

We are very excited about Palladium,” said Max Gutnik, SVP of products and CRO.

We wanted to create a pedal that brings the richness, depth and versatility of a superior high gain tube amp, without the tonal compromises that typically go with distortion pedals. We believe guitarists will love the complement of sounds they can get from Palladium.”

Main features include:

  • True Bypass
  • 3 band EQ with sweepable mids
  • 3 gain stages that offer 110 db of total gain
  • Made in the USA

For more information on Seymour Duncan's The Palladium Gain Stage.

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