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Powerful and Portable Peavey MiniMEGA & MiniMAX Bass Amp Heads Now Available in UK

(PRESS RELEASE): Peavey are delighted to announce that their brand new MiniMEGA and MiniMAX bass amp heads have arrived in the UK. The high power, portable models are now available to order in the UK exclusively through Peavey distributors Barnes and Mullins.

The MiniMEGAoffers 1000-watts of Peavey tone in a compact, highly portable package with its smaller brother, the MiniMAX packing 500-watts of powerful, rich low end into a compact unit weighing only 5.6lbs. Both models are bursting with technology not found in any other bass amps and represent a new level of compact bass amplifier performance.

Complete with an effects loop, gain control, crunch button, tuner output and a 4-band EQ with Punch and Bright switches and semi-parametric mids, the MiniMEGAfeatures everything needed by the modern professional bass player. Peavey’s exclusive Kosmos bass enhancement function provides increased bass impact for extra punch, while the innovative psychoacoustic low-end controls add more bass without overloading speakers. Peavey have even added customisable control surface lighting to the MiniMEGA to allow players to choose how they want the amp to appear on stage.

The 500-watt MiniMAX features a 3-band with Punch, Mid-shift and Bright controls to provide an array of tone shaping options. A pre-gain control with TransTube gain boost allows a tube-like crunch sound to be added. It also benefits from the psychoacoustic low-end bass enhancement found in the MiniMEGA.

Both models feature Peavey’s DDT speaker protection technology and come with carry bags to protect from the rigours of tour use. All of the connectivity necessary to join to sound reinforcement systems and patch in effects is built into both amps, making them ideal for use in live and studio environments.

The MiniMEGA  are available to order now from the Barnes and Mullins sales team and through their online portal. 

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