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ZVEX Effects Presents Candela Vibrophase

The Candela VibroPhase is the world's first candle-powered guitar effect. Designed for fans of the 1800s, guitar effects enthusiasts who have to have everything, and guitarists who want a wildly more adjustable take on the Univibe than has ever been created before. The sound sweeps from subtle vibrato to Leslie-like phasing with a speed range wider than anything ZVEX has ever produced. There are two gear ratios on the Stirling engine that cover about a 20:1 speed range when used with the eddy current brake, which is a 1" diameter neodymium sphere magnet. You can paint your own modulation patterns on the interchangeable optical control discs, which quickly pop in and out of the machine, so you can create your own LFO wave shape and rhythm.

Issue #74

Jim Root

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