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Barnes and Mullins Release DR Veritas Acoustic Guitar Strings in UK

(PRESS RELEASE): Having recently been announced as the exclusive representatives of DR Handmade Strings in the UK, Barnes and Mullins have confirmed the addition of DR’s revolutionary Veritas Acoustic string range to their catalogue.

Veritas strings are Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings that boast DR’s patented Accurate Core Technology (ACT) to strengthen the core wire and perfect any variations of the core wire for greatly improved pitch and superb longevity. Engineered to last up to 4 times longer, Veritas strings are ideal for all musicians, especially gigging guitarists who require prolonged string life without any degradation in tone and pitch quality. 

"I can play 4 or more concerts with one set of Veritas.  I used to play one concert with other strings," notes guitarist Stefan Grossman.  "Love the way they sound," adds Happy Traum.

Available in light, medium-light, medium and medium-heavy gauged sets, Veritas strings are extremely stable and hold their tuning superbly. They produce a loud and bright sound with excellent sustain. 

All sets are available to order now from the Barnes and Mullins sales team and via their online portal.

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