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NAMM 2016: Vigier Guitars Updates for Winter NAMM

Vigier Guitars: Ready to Lock and Rock (see above image)

The Vigier Guitars workshop has answered the call of numerous artists by upgrading the location and the jack itself on our Excalibur Shawn Lane and Excalibur Special models. The traditional barrel style jacks are being upgraded to Neutrik locking units.

Say goodbye to your signal cutting out while you jump off your full stack and into the crowd. All you on-stage maniacs will be able to share your moves and tone with the world - simultaneously.

Vigier 1


Vigier Guitars: One More “A” for the Supra

Vigier Guitars, pioneers of carbon fibre technology, will debut a prototype Excalibur Supra called the Excalibur Supraa at NAMM 2016 for the beta testers of NAMM to play with.

At the request of Patrice Vigier, Amber Pickups have graciously handmade a set of HSH pickups exclusive to the Excalibur Supraa. The result is a round, acid-sweet tone; an honest and true progression for this particular model.

The Excalibur Supraa on the stand this year is also a showcase for our new Red Rock Art finish. 

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