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JTS Introduces US-36G2 Wireless System

(PRESS RELEASE): FBT UK has announced the launch of the new JTS US-36G2, a replacement for three previous JTS systems - the US-901, US-9001 and US-1000 series.

The US-36G2 is a second generation, true diversity wireless system based on the hugely successful US-901 system with completely revised circuitry and facilities to provide users with an affordable 36MHz professional grade wireless experience.

Offering 1441 selectable channels and six preset groups each of up to 23 channels, with autoscan, the new system comes as three units - the US-36G2 single channel true diversity receiver, the  Mh-36G2 mic transmitter and an optional, newly designed, robust beltpack transmitter, the PT-36BG2.

Operating on the licensed Channel 38 in the UK, the US-36G2 offers a range of 200-480 metres operation with crystal clear sound and the renowned JTS reliability in the field.

The JTS US-36G2 is available immediately in the UK.

For more information on JTS' US-36G2 Wireless System.

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