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DiMarzio Releases Steve Vai Signature ClipLock Guitar Straps

(PRESS RELEASE): DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of three signature ClipLock® Quick Release Guitar Straps specially designed for and with Steve Vai, guitarist extraordinaire and esteemed DiMarzio endorser.

Steve Vai helped pioneer DiMarzio® ClipLock® Quick Release Guitar Straps and has used them for over twenty years. Naturally, we were delighted and honored when Steve agreed to collaborate with us to produce three new Steve Vai ClipLock® Guitar Straps. The Universe design features an immediately recognizable swirl pattern, inspired by Steve’s signature Ibanez Anniversary Universe 7-string guitar. It’s available in two colors: Blue Universe and Green Universe.

We’re especially pleased to release the Steve Vai Art ClipLock® Guitar Strap. Steve made one of his original paintings available to DiMarzio®, and we duplicated it in order to create this strap.  Steve said, “I only had two rules when painting: no thinking and no criticizing the work. I found this to be tremendously liberating. It’s like automatic writing, and there is no such thing as a mistake.”

DiMarzio® ClipLock® Quick Release Guitar Straps were the first to feature the heavy-duty plastic clip that allows you to easily change from guitar to guitar with a little fingertip pressure. ClipLock® Quick Release Guitar Straps are the industry standard for strength, security, and quality. They attach securely to your guitar with two sturdy bushings and extra-long screws sized to fit the strap bushing screw holes on most electric guitars and basses. The DiMarzio® ClipLock® Quick Release system is the most secure and unique fastening method available to safeguard your guitar.

DiMarzio’s Steve Vai ClipLock® Quick Release Guitar Straps are made in the U.S.A. and may now be ordered for immediate delivery.

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