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DiMarzio Releases Dark Matter & Velorum Steve Vai Gravity Storm Pickups

(PRESS RELEASE): DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of Gravity Storm™ hum-canceling pickups for electric guitars with special edition Dark Matter™ and Velorum™ covers in Neck (DP262F, DP264F) and Bridge (DP263F, DP265F) Models.

Gravity Storm™ Neck & Bridge Model humbuckers were designed for Steve Vai, and he has used them since their 2012 introduction. Steve is always a master of creativity, looking to extend boundaries with his music and art. In that spirit of inventiveness, Steve worked with DiMarzio to design two special edition pickup covers for the Gravity Storm™ pickups.

The Dark Matter™ humbuckers feature a custom pickup grill, with a host of gear patterns reminiscent of a clock. The design is cut all the way through the satin nickel cover, allowing the pickup bobbins below to show through.

The Velorum™ pickup covers depict Steve’s custom Vai logo etched into a polished gold cover and nestled in a burst of lines radiating out from the logo.

Both the Dark Matter™ and Velorum™ special edition humbuckers are available in F-spacing only.

DiMarzio’s Dark Matter™ and Velorum™ Neck and Bridge pickups are made in the U.S.A., and may now be ordered for immediate delivery.

For more information on DiMarzio's Dark Matter & Velorum Gravity Storm Pickups.

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