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Pickup Specialists Announces Seymour Duncan Research Lab

(PRESS RELEASE): Seymour Duncan has announced the launch of the Seymour Duncan Research Lab, a collaborative home for all musicians to join in and to help design the future of tone tools.

Musicians will be able to share their ideas, refine them through discussion and vote on those that would be most impactful to them. This community research lab is not limited to just pickups and pedals but to any tool that would help a musician, including videos or wiring diagrams. Designing with community input is something that Seymour Duncan does on a regular basis, with pickups like the '59/Custom Hybrid and StraBro90 being driven by the many diverse tone seekers from the SD Forum.

The new site is open to any musician who has a preference they want to share, and all the best performing ideas are sent for review by the Seymour Duncan new products team. New Wiring Diagrams are made available for free in the largest guitar diagram library on the internet.  

For more information on Seymour Duncan Research Lab.


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