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Hamstead Soundworks Launch Stand-Alone "Signature" Tremolo/Boost Pedal

(PRESS RELEASE): The new Hamstead Signature Tremolo pedal is a high quality, stand-alone version of the same in-house designed tremolo circuit, incorporated within this British company’s popular, handbuilt Artist 20+RT Series amplifiers.......but with a few added extras that make the Hamstead Signature Tremolo one of the most versatile tremolo pedals available.

A mini switch toggles between two modulation modes: ‘Signature’ and ‘Classic’. ‘Signature’ (Sinusoidal Wave-Effect) delivers Hamstead’s own super warm, creamy smooth tremolo, while ‘Classic’ (Output-Bias Style), accurately replicates the fabulous sounding valve powered tremolo circuits heard within vintage valve amplifiers.

The Signature Tremolo pedal includes the same Speed (operating between 0.4 -15 Hz), Depth (0 -100%) rotaries featured within the classic Hamstead Artist 20+RT Series amplifiers, offering superb versatility and playability, delivering lush, warm breath-like waves to rapid, stacco kill-switch type sonics.

In addition to these two tremolo effects, the unit also incorporates a ‘Clean Gain Boost’ control. This handy boost circuit can be used to boost the tremolo output, or switched out separately for a ‘solo lift’ of up to 10 dB, or to fatten up the front end of an amp. The Gain Boost essentially creates two pedals in one.

Hamstead’s Signature Tremolo is a 100% all analogue design, can handle line-level signals, and with an internal power supply that’s galvanically isolated, is free of earth loops and operates with an extremely low noise floor.


Controls: Depth/Speed/Gain
Modulation: Signature/Classic Switchable. Tremolo on/off: Footswitch LED Status.
Boost on/off: Footswitch LED Status.
True or Buffered Bypass: Internally Selectable.
Power requirements: 9-18volt DC 250Ma (Centre Negative)

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