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Cog Effects Introduces The T-16 Analogue Octave

(PRESS RELEASE): Cog Effects is pleased the announce the release of the T-16 Analogue Octave, engineered to provide huge octave down tones in a tiny enclosure.

The T-16 is the ideal solution when space is tight but you can't compromise on tone. In addition to level controls for your clean signal and one octave down, a variable Filter control is included to adjust the voice of the octave down signal from buzzy and synthy through to fat and subby tones.

The T-16 is built one at a time and features true bypass switching, engraved aluminium enclosure and no PCB-mounted jacks - designed and engineered for a life on the road. The company founder writes, "I wanted to see if it could be done, a truly fantastic analogue octave down for guitar and bass in the smallest enclosure I could possibly fit it into. I wanted a simple control set but a lot of flexibility, and I'm really proud of the end result!"


  • Three knobs to control Clean Level, Octave Down Level, and the Octave Down Filter
  • CNC-engraved Hammond 1590A Aluminium Enclosure
  • True Bypass Switching
  • 9-volt standard DC input


Cog Effects T-16 Analog Octave  


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