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Guerrilla Warfare Pickups Tactical Tele Humbucker Pickups

(PRESS RELEASE): Built for attitude and definition; these pickups offer a great blend of PAF Humbucker warmth and vintage Telecaster tones. 

Designed to maintain that traditional Tele tone, while providing a bigger sound with more volume, and of course, no 60-cycle hum or buzz.  Tactical Tele Pickups have a raw, aggressive midrange, clear creamy treble and a fat bottom end to provide plenty of punch and attack.  Pickups include nickel silver covers, mounting rings, and are wax potted with either single or 4 conductor shielded pickup leads. The Tactical Tele Humbucker Pickups come with Guerrilla Warfare Pickups “NO QUESTIONS ASKED LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ALL PICKUPS!”  If you break it, send it back and we'll repair or replace it!

  • Alnico V magnets
  • Moderate/High Output
  • Neck Pickup 11.75K
  • Bridge Pickup 12.50
  • DC resistance is approximate

Guerrilla Warfare Pickups Tactical Tele Humbucker Pickups can be purchased as a calibrated set directly from the Guerrilla Warfare Pickups online store at Guerrilla Warfare Pickups.

Guerrilla Warfare Pickups is a custom guitar pickup shop located in Akron, Ohio, and the only Special Forces "Green Beret" owned guitar pickup company in the world!  We create hand crafted; custom wound boutique-quality guitar pickups for every application. All our pickups are individually crafted with an expert's attention to detail to give you the best pickups money can buy. It's as simple as that! Call, text or e-mail today, and we'll build you the best set of custom pickups money can buy! You have our word on it.


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