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Prisma Guitars Turns Old Skateboards into Beautiful Instruments

(PRESS RELEASE): Prisma Guitars is giving new life to old skateboard decks by creating a new line of unique, hand-made guitars that play as good as they look. And they look amazing.

Utilizing a proprietary manufacturing method, Nick Pourfard, the 23 year-old industrial designer who started Prisma Guitars, creates beautiful instruments that use anywhere from 4 to 44 skateboards before they are completed. Offering a variety of hardware options, bodies can be made entirely with skateboards, semi-hollow, or with skate tops and alder or mahogany backs. All bodies are finished with nitrocellulose instrument lacquer and necks can be built with skateboards or hard rock maple.

Prisma Guitars has just released a new video featuring Pourfard and an insightful up-close view of building the instruments. The video also shares the historical development of the guitars.

Some of Pourfard’s guitar designs are clearly inspired by classic favorites, while others offer body cuts that are unique to Prisma. Guitars are available in six body shapes while basses come in two. Pourfard says about the Duke model, “This is a mahogany guitar with skateboard top. Many people do not know that skateboards are made of hard rock maple, so this glue up is similar to many Les Paul guitars. This guitar is loaded with two of our own hand wound humbuckers and Tone Pro bridge.”

While Prisma offers a standard line of guitars, each guitar is, in effect, a one-off version. Their Custom Shop offers customers an opportunity to commission an instrument especially for them by choosing from a wide variety of options.

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