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PolyTune Clip Receives Best In Show Award at Summer NAMM 15

(PRESS RELEASE): TC Electronic's PolyTune Clip was only just announced a little over a month ago, but is already seen as the new must-have tuning device due to its innovative polyphonic tuning mode, unprecedented precision and speed, and elegant high-end design. The accolades from magazines and high-profile artists have followed in the wake of its release, which was recently topped off by a Best In Show award at Summer NAMM 2015 in Nashville.

PolyTune Clip took home the highly regarded "Gotta Stock It" award as a sign to dealers that this will be the next hot product to fly off of sales counters around the world.

There's no doubt that this tiny tuning masterpiece will have a huge impact on the world of music and how musicians tune their instruments both at home and on stage, now that it is finally available world-wide.

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