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Schuyler Dean Unveils New Gold Foil Pickups

Nashville's Schuyler Dean has unveiled a new pickup model based on vintage gold foils made popular by ’60s Teisco and DeArmond guitars. 

Named for the gold foil material seen under the covers, they were inexpensive to make but in the right guitar were pure sonic gold.  You can still find them today, but with iffy wiring and screeching microphonics, these can be problematic for the unsuspecting buyer on the used market.  A few builders offer replicas of the originals but with a price tag that would make any working musician wince.  I designed my gold foils to have the same great character as the originals at an affordable price.

Using 44 gauge coil wire, the coils are scatterwound around bar magnets mounted perpendicular to the strings.  Housed inside standard humbucker-size cases, these gold foils will fit in a wide variety of guitars.  The pickups are fully wax potted in a mixture of beeswax and paraffin to kill microphonics.   Sets are wound slightly hotter in the bridge position for balanced volume between pickups.

Gold Foil Chrome

  • 44 AWG wire
  • hand wound
  • bar magnet
  • true single coil
  • warm yet twangy tone
  • lifetime warranty
  • free shipping to lower 48

 Gold Foil Pickup


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