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Tony Iommi to Remix Black Sabbath's "Forbidden" for 20th Anniversary Reissue

Tony Iommi is set to remix Black Sabbath's "Forbidden" for its 20th anniversary reissue.

"I really like the album but I was never happy with the overall sound so I'm going to remix it before it comes out again. Can't say when, too much going on right now", said the legendary metal guitarist.

"Forbidden" is the eighteenth studio album by Black Sabbath and represents the reunion of Sabbath's Tyr-era line-up from 1990 and marked the return of Neil Murray and Cozy Powell to the fold.

It was the last album to feature Tony Martin on vocals and marked the last before the metal stalwarts parted ways only to reform in 2013 to release '13'.

In related news Black Sabbath will reissue a number of classic Sabbath records on vinyl with the albums set to be in released in three stages.

Kicking off on June 22nd with their self-titled debut (1970), along with "Paranoid" (1970) and "Master of Reaility" (1971). The next wave of reissues features "Vol.4" (1972), "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (1973) and "Sabotage" (1975) available on June 29th. The series will then finish with "Technical Ecstasy" (1976) and "Never Say Die" (1978).




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