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TC-Helicon Challenges All Acoustic and Mic'ed Instruments to Loop

(PRESS RELEASE): To celebrate their latest stomp-box creation - Ditto Mic Looper - the audio pioneers at TC-Helicon put a series of acoustic instruments to the definitive test. The question: Will It Loop?

Looping is an extremely fun and creative way to hone your musical skills, but the technology can get in the way of expressing yourself. This is why when TC Electronic launched their no-nonsense loop pedal - Ditto Looper - two years ago, it became the best-selling guitar pedal. Ever.

TC-Helicon - the vocal processing arm of the TC mothership - followed suit this year with the equally ambitious Ditto Mic Looper. Not only is it a natural follow-up to most popular pedal in the world, it is taking what the original pedal offered to guitarists and bass players – and offering it to everyone else. Loop anything you can mic. That is the goal.

Will It Loop?

To prove its versatility, TC-Helicon decided to put Ditto Mic Looper to the ultimate test - bringing artists who are unfamiliar with the pedal into the studio and let them run free (they were also given free choice of FX pedals to add to the mix if they wanted to up the creative ante). The results were astounding. Below are just a few examples - go to the website to experience the full force of the experiment.

Great tool for The Experimenting Vocalist

First and foremost, Ditto Mic Looper was created with vocalists in mind. And any experimenting vocalist will find that there’s immense quantities of inspiration locked up inside Ditto. Whether you are looking for a new songwriting tool, want to practice choir parts or simply want to stun your audience with a kick-ass live looping performance, Ditto is reporting for duty!

WILL IT LOOP? | Saxophone + Ditto Mic Looper


WILL IT LOOP? | Percussion + Ditto Mic Looper 


WILL IT LOOP? | Violin (take 2) + Ditto Mic Looper


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