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DiMarzio, Inc. Launch New Larry DiMarzio Shot Video of Joe Satriani

(PRESS RELEASE): DiMarzio, Inc. have released of a new Larry DiMarzio shot promo video featuring guitarist Joe Satriani.

Filmed by Larry DiMarzio himself, the video features Satriani chatting, playing, and giving insight into his distinctive sound and playing style. He also talks about his upcoming album, Shockwave Supernova, available July 24th, 2015 on Epic Records.

Joe Satriani is featured playing his signature DiMarzio Satch Track Neck (DP425) and Mo’ Joe (DP216) pickups on his Ibanez JS2410 signature guitar.

Says Satriani,

It gives the possibility of that envelope of tone, putting it in your fingertips so you don’t feel like the pickup is making you sound just one way. You want something that is pliable; DiMarzio pickups have always been great at that.”

 Joe Satriani demos the Satch Track Neck & Mo’ Joe Pickups


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