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Fender to Release "80 Proof” Blues Junior Made from Reclaimed Whiskey Casks

A new guitar amplifier by Fender Custom Shop built using wood from reclaimed oak whiskey casks is set to be released in a limited edition run.

However, while there are still no signs of this intriguing new amplifier on the Fender website, Red Dog Music have reported that “The Fender Custom Shop have hinted at the release of a super-limited edition “80 Proof” Blues Junior guitar amp, made from reclaimed oak whiskey casks.”

The stunning “80 Proof” Blues Junior amp features 15 watts of all-tube power, reverb and an upgraded Jensen P12Q 12-inch speaker. Other features include external include brass knobs, a leather handle and a brass control plate finished with the Fender logo seared into the wood.

It's expected that the Fender 80 Proof Blues Jnr will be limited to 100 pieces.



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