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D'Addario Expands Line of NYXL Electric Guitar Strings

(PRESS RELEASE): D’Addario is thrilled to announce further extensions to its revolutionary line of guitar strings, NYXL. NYXL electric guitar strings deliver a whole new level of freedom, confidence, and power to players, allowing them to play fearlessly.

There are now 14 NYXL sets available, including two balanced tension sets, heavy and extra heavy sets, and two sets with a wound 3rd string. 7 & 8 string sets are planned for release later this year. The RRP on NYXL sets ranges from £13.70 to £15.50. For full information visit

D’Addario NYXL electric guitar strings have been re-engineered from the ball end up and no string has ever offered this level of stability. Stronger than any of its predecessors, torture tests prove that NYXL strings stay in tune up to 131% better so guitarists don’t waste time tuning and can start playing sooner.Starting with the selection of new high-carbon steel alloys, D’Addario engineers have completely re-imagined the wire drawing process and revolutionized the corrosion-resistant tin coating application. The result is something guitarists have never experienced before: unprecedented strength and pitch stability. 

Still, making the world’s strongest string wasn’t enough for D’Addario. These strings have also been designed to bend farther and sing louder, and the reformulated nickel-plated steel alloy boosts amplitude in the 1 kHz to 3.5 kHz range, modernizing overall tone without ever losing that incredible nickel-plated steel feel that guitarists love. With 6% more magnetic permeability for higher output, NXYL electric guitar strings offer more punch, crunch, and bite.

These new sets are available in the UK from 18th May.

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