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Quilter Labs announces the Aviator Gold Series

(PRESS RELEASE): Redefining what can be expected from solid state guitar amplification, the Aviator Gold Series takes a bold step in a direction towards even lighter and more powerful guitar amplification. Capitalizing on Pat Quilter’s revolutionary patented technology, the Aviator Gold series delivers even more. More luscious deep end to the distortion, reduced noise floor, quieter reverb circuit, thicker baffle to reinforce even the lightest neo speakers without vibration.

The Aviator Gold series takes everything you loved about the original Aviator Series to a new level.Using a modular approach, the guitarist can build a system that is expandable from small gigs all the way to the big stage.

  • 8 Inch combo: Featuring a high power pro audio grade driver to deliver shocking power from a tiny package.
  • 2x10 Inch open back combo: Featuring dual Celestion G10 Vintage drivers.
  • 1x12 Inch open back combo: Featuring a Celestion Classic Lead 80.
  • Head version.
  • Extension speakers: Featuring Celestion Classic Lead 80 or G10 Vintage drivers.

All Aviator Gold amplifiers ship with a durable ballistic nylon cover.

“The customer spoke and we listened” said company CEO Chris Parks, “get ready for takeoff!”

The Quilter Aviator Gold 2x 10 Inch Combo

The Quilter Aviator Gold 1x 12 Inch Combo

The Quilter Aviator Gold Head

The Quilter Aviator 2x 10 Extension


The Quilter Aviator 1x 12 Extension

The Quilter Micro Pro Mach 2 Extension Speaker (Compatible With Aviator 8 Inch)

 Visit the official website for more info on Quilter Labs products.


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