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Listen to Previously Unreleased Hendrix Solo on Curtis Knight and the Squires' "Station Break"

There aren't many guitarists, dead or alive, that have had their music reissued and remastered as many times as Jimi Hendrix's limited back-catalogue has been throughout the years.

So Hendrix fans will find it refreshing to discover a previously unreleased track featuring a rather bluesy Jimi solo is currently streaming via The Daily Beast.

The two-and-half minute track entitled "Station Break" was recorded in 1965 whilst Hendrix worked tirelessly as session guitarist or "hired gun" with New York-based R&B group, Curtis Knight and the Squires.

The track will featured on the upcoming release, "You Can't Use My Name: Curtis Knight and the Squires The RSVP/PPX Sessions" which is due out March 24th.






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