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Sterling Ball of Ernie Ball Inc. Releases Debut Album: Better Later Than Never

(PRESS RELEASE): Sterling Ball, CEO of Ernie Ball, the world’s leading manufacturer of guitar strings, celebrated his 60th birthday this month by releasing his debut album—Better Late Than Never—available for download here. A longtime musician, Ball has toured across the globe with several legendary acts including Albert Lee, Steve Morse and more.

The album was recorded alongside longtime friends and fellow musicians Dave Marotta, Jimmy Cox and John Ferraro. Aptly titled Better Late Than Never, the country-tinged record marks a milestone for the renowned CEO who, in addition to his role as musician, serves as a philanthropist with the Casey Lee Ball Foundation and as an award-winning professional BBQ chef.

 “I thought about what I would play, and these songs are admittedly obscure and eclectic choices. Each song celebrates my musical roots from an exciting family – especially my father Ernie,” said Ball.

“It seems kind of funny to record my first album at 59, but really my fifties have been great and full of different opportunities and experiences that inspired the songs. This experience was challenging but ultimately one of my most rewarding to date.”

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