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Original Gibson Les Paul Going to Auction

Gibson's Les Paul is one of the most iconic guitars ever produced. And now the 1954 electric guitar that served as the prototype for the design is going to auction.

Les Paul performed with the archetypal “Black Beauty” solid-body guitar for the best part of 20 years whilst along the way making numerous modifications as he fined tuned its sound.

The all-black, gold-detailed model will go to auction on Feb 19th in New York City. Guernsey’s Auctioneers describes it as "the most significant electric guitar ever made".

Paul handed over the model to friend and fellow instrument maker Tom Doyle in 1974 who is auctioning the Gibson from his own private collection.

According to a Guernsey’s spokeswoman, speaking to the Los Angeles Times, no pre-auction estimate has been set for the model.

Further information on all the items up for auction is due on Guernsey’s site later this month.

 Les Paul's Original 1954 Black Custom 'Black Beauty" - Tom Doyle


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