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NAMM 2015: Peavey Electronics Announces ReValver ACT Profiler

Peavey delivers amp cloning for the masses with new ACTTM profiler.

(PRESS RELEASE): Music industry pioneers Peavey Electronics® recently introduced the fully redesigned ReValverTM 4 amp modeling software, and with it, game-changing ACT (Audio Cloning Technology) that added a new level of instrument modeling and preset tone-shaping power.

Now, Peavey is proud to introduce the ReValver ACT Profiler. Expanding on the proprietary ACT cloning technology, this new module gives users the ability to capture and extract the sound of any amp and store the captured profile as a preset.

“Our goal with ReValver has always been to constantly innovate and push the envelope. We feel that ReValver represents the pinnacle of amp modeling technology and our ACT technology adds a whole new dimension to the capabilities of amp modeling software,” said Peavey Electronics founder, Hartley Peavey. “The ACT Profiling module marries these technologies to allow our users to capture the heart, soul and essence of their favorite amps, giving a whole world of tone options.”

The ACT Profiler module analyzes the target amplifier – capturing the unique tonal characteristics of the amp, speaker, and microphone – then applies the profile to ReValver’s best-in-class amp modeling engine to create an amazingly accurate model. The newly captured amp profile can then be saved and loaded back into ReValver at any time or shared with the ReValver community.

For more information, visit Peavey.


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