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NAMM 2015: New Variax Standard Guitar Combines Line 6 Innovation and Yamaha Craftsmanship

Variax Standard gives more guitarists access to celebrated vintage instruments, alternate tunings, and exceptional quality.

(PRESS RELEASE): Line 6, Inc. (NAMM room 212A) is pleased to announce the expansion of the Variax® family with the introduction of the Variax Standard guitar. Variax Standard represents the first major collaboration between Line 6 and Yamaha since the two companies joined forces in January 2014. Combining innovative Line 6 technology with legendary Yamaha craftsmanship, Variax Standard delivers unprecedented value that goes beyond any guitar in its price range.

“Since Yamaha acquired Line 6, we’ve been working closely to develop innovative gear,” said Marcus Ryle, Chief Strategy Officer at Line 6. “We’re excited to release Variax Standard, a great-playing yet affordable guitar that enables more musicians to have the sounds of incredible vintage instruments they’ve always dreamed of. And even better, Variax Standard can provide the rich, bold tone of a priceless ‘50s instrument with vintage single-coil pickups—without the hum and buzz that plague these guitars. It’s an experience you can’t replicate with any traditional vintage or modern guitar.”  

Unlike other guitars in its price range, Variax Standard can sound like an entire collection of vintage, modern, and exotic instruments, including some of the most coveted electric and acoustic guitars of the past century. Guitarists can also choose from an array of alternate tunings with the turn of a knob. Workbench HD software makes it possible to mix and match components and create any guitar imaginable.   Thanks to the experienced craftsmen at Yamaha, Variax Standard delivers the rock-solid build expected from a high-quality guitar. The lightweight alder S-type body, one-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and custom-wound pickups serve up clear, fullbodied tone with harmonic richness.

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