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Scorpions Announce New Album and Single ‘We Built This House’

Fresh from announcing their 50th anniversary tour intentions, The Scorpions are premiering the lead single from their forthcoming album, "Return To Forever."

The track is now available to download, however, only for those fans who have pre-ordered the album via iTunes or the official band shop.

"Return To Forever" will be available as of Feb 23rd in Europe and Feb 24th in North America and will mark the start of the German hard rocker's 50th anniversary tour.

‘Return to Forever’ Deluxe Edition Track Listing

1. ‘Going Out with a Bang’
2. ‘We Built This House’
3. ‘Rock My Car’
4. ‘House of Cards’
5. ‘All for One’
6. ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Band’
7. ‘Catch Your Luck and Play’
8. ‘Rollin’ Home’
9. ‘Hard Rockin’ the Place’
10. ‘Eye of the Storm’
11. ‘The Scratch’
12. ‘Gypsy Life’
13. ‘The World We Used to Know’
14. ‘Dancing with the Moonlight’
15. ‘When the Truth Is a Lie’
16. ‘Who We Are’



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