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Black Cherry USA Introduces the Hollow Point Intonation System

The Patented Hollow Point® Intonation System, is a replacement guitar part specifically designed to help players, technicians, or anyone performing guitar repair, to set the intonation on a double locking guitar tremolo accurately and efficiently.

In addition to increasing the efficiency and ease of set-up, other benefits include improved appearance, increased mass, sustain and tone! The Hollow Points® are made to reto fit most Floyd Rose® and Ibanez® Edge® Double Locking Tremolo systems.

Constructed of solid brass, the Hollow Point® Intonation System is proudly designed in the USA.


  • Easy installation for decades of performance
  • Adjust saddle position with ease
  • Set intonation in minutes in real time
  • Increase mass and sustain
  • Enhance appearance
  • Reduce set up time
  • Solid brass construction
  • Easily fits Floyd Rose and Ibanez Edge double-locking tremolos
  • Available in Chrome, Black, and Gold

Gold 1


Find out more at: Black Cherry USA


Issue #75

Peter Green / Ivar Bjørnson

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