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Travis Tidwell, Guitarist with A&E Sensation Big Smo, Now Playing GJ2® Guitars

Travis Tidwell is an exceptional young talent who has hit the big time early in his career with country-rap phenomenon, Big Smo. A product of his hometown of Nashville, surely the world’s most prolific producer of top-notch guitarists, his style spans all genres from country to metal and beyond.

After meeting with Grover Jackson and Jon Gold of GJ2 at last year’s Nashville NAMM show, Travis was hooked on the quality, playability and tone of GJ2 Guitars.

Grover and Jon have really done it! The tone and feel of these guitars cover it all and will make you realize you have a piece of art. They're incredible!”

— Travis Tidwell

 Travis is currently touring extensively with Big Smo, playing a Floyd Rose-equipped GJ2 “Glendora™” and a three-pickup GJ2 “Hellhound™”.


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