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The World’s First Optical Analogue Musical Instrument Technology Now Available to Pre-Order

(PRESS RELEASE): Iconic Sound Ltd announced earlier this year the launch of the world’s first optical analog, jack-to-jack musical instrument cable, The LightLead..

Following its successful debut at the NAMM show where the company exhibited the prototype, they are excited to announce customers can now pre-order the product from their website, with the first 2000 orders receiving a limited edition LightLead™ at a special launch price.

Iconic Sound have now fully patented their revolutionary technology that offers musicians a mind blowing new lead, which has zero capacitance and zero loading resulting in the most precise, perfect, dynamic and crystal clear guitar sound they’ve ever experienced!

 Ideal for guitarists, bass players, violinists, in fact any electric stringed instrument where a lead is required.  The LightLead™ preserves the exact natural sound and the new product now runs off 1 x AAA battery at each end giving around 9 hours of playing time.

Traditionally cable manufacturers, using basic multi-strand copper cable, have minimised capacitance but have never been able to eliminate it. This has resulted in a loss of high frequencies especially on longer leads. The new Patented LightLead™ technology is unique in the existing cable industry using analog fibre optic technology to provide zero capacitance. This achieves a completely flawless analog signal transmission with no compression and faithful reproduction of the instrument tone, whatever the length of lead!

The PVC coated LightLead™ uses ultra high density, small diameter optical analog cables that are resistant to crushing and impact giving them a virtually infinite life. They are electrically safe with full electro-magnetic immunity, which makes them distortion and interference free. Subsonic and motion noise, static and interference will be a thing of the past; never again will musicians find their cables acting as aerials. With these advantages they are ideal for use in environments that depend on consistent reliable sound delivery whether it’s on stage or in the studio. The future is light!

A recent review on summed it up by saying “Iconic Sound’s LightLead™ may be the first substantial innovation on instrument cable technology since, well, the cable was invented.”

To find out more and to pre-order The LightLead™, visit: 


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