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The MXR Legacy with Joe Bonamassa

Throughout 2014, MXR has been celebrating 40 years of innovation with a series of mini documentary videos covering its history as well as the personal stories of the lives and music it affected.

In the latest episode, blues-rock superstar Joe Bonamassa recalls his earliest memories of seeing MXR pedals in his father's music shop, and remembers the pride he felt in hailing from Upstate New York, the same fertile musical ground that was the birthplace of this iconic effect brand.

To celebrate 40 years of MXR innovation, we’ve put together a series of these documentary shorts, which we’ve been releasing throughout the year. Check out the entire series of MXR Legacy documentary videos on our YouTube Channel, and look for a few more new episodes as 2014 winds down.

The MXR Legacy series of mini documentaries covers the brand’s history — from being sold out of a suitcase to appearing on the world’s biggest stages — along with numerous artists, engineers, pedal designers, and original MXR personnel telling stories of sonic inspiration and discovery.

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