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Next Rush Tour Could Include New Material?

Rush members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson have been discussing what's next on the agenda for themselves and drummer, Neal Peart with

The Canadian prog icons have now finished their year-long hiatus and are eager to get back to doing what they do best.

Lifeson said: “Some days I feel like being back out on the road and taking advantage of the fact that it’s our 40th anniversary. On other days I sit around messing with musical ideas and think, ‘We’ve got to start writing.’”

The guitarist went to add that new music is "likely on the horizon" with Geddy Lee suggesting  the possibility of performing much older Rush material alongside new tracks on their next tour:

 “I think it would be a fun trip back to the past, with maybe some looking forward. Ideally we’d go out with a couple of new songs, and revisit some old stuff — maybe stuff we haven’t previously played. I think there are songs that are real fan favourites that we’ve avoided for a long time. And I think if we plan to go back out, we would have a very close review of some of those songs.”

Despite Peart being absent from the recent interview, the general assumption is he is as keen as his bandmates to return sooner rather than later.





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