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New Höfner Eco Violin Bass Models Unveiled

(PRESS RELEASE): Following extensive testing for a new fingerboard material to replace the traditional rosewood Höfner have just released two new German built Limited Edition models of the famous Violin Bass; the GL-VB-ECO-IV-0 and GL-VB-ECO-BK-0.

Both use a composite material on the fingerboard which produces the right feel and tone for the player. This was tested both at Höfner and with a number of selected professional players before arriving at the most suitable material. With many questions now being asked about natural resources Höfner wants to offer customers the option to use an instrument that reduces the impact on those resources. It also allowed for a startlingly new approach to colour options, with the Ivory model offered with a blue fingerboard.

Despite being Limited Editions they are being offered at the same price as the standard German built Violin Bass. Supplied with a Höfner bullet case both models are available to order from Höfner dealers now.


Issue #74

Jim Root

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