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Gi's Top 6 Tracks for Halloween

As it's Halloween, and Friday the 31st (close enough eh?) the Gi team have today set about coming up with what we believe to be the scariest sounding tracks with some of the creepiest guitar riffs, ever.

All morning a collection of part-time vampires and reluctant zombies have eagerly been chipping in with their suggestions for the Gi Top 6 Tracks for Halloween! As you'd expect, there's a distinctly hard rock and metal flavour to all of our picks.

Be warned, these are not for the faint-of-heart.

6 - Melvins "Joan of Arc

5 - Primus "Mr Krinkle" 

 4 - Slayer "South of Heaven"

3 - Pantera "Cemetery Gates"

2 - AC/DC "Hells Bells"

1 - Black Sabbth "Black Sabbath"


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