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TC-Helicon Introduces Switch-6 – Extended Remote Control of VoiceLive 3 & VoiceLive Touch 2

New 6-button footswitch from TC-Helicon adds to the Canadian audio equipment manufacturer's impressive array of customizable control options for VoiceLive Touch 2 and VoiceLive 3.

(PRESS RELEASE): TC-Helicon is proud to present Switch-6, the new accessory pedal for VoiceLive 3 and VoiceLive Touch 2 that lets users extend the control options of their units to fit their specific performance style and needs.

The six footswitches can be customized to control a multitude of functions, including looping, toggling of individual effects, changing presets, engaging HIT or STEP functions, even using the Switch-6 as a separate guitar pedalboard (the latter only on VoiceLive 3) - and more!

Users can create their own favorite control schemes, and VoiceLive Touch 2 singers will be thrilled to learn that the buttons on Switch-6 can be assigned to control each of the six loop tracks on Touch 2. For VoiceLive 3 users, Switch-6 will integrate seamlessly with the reassignable "Buttonmap" feature, allowing for even more dedicated and unique control of Vocal and Guitar FX.

Main Features

 - Six individual footswitches for remote control of programmable functions, e.g. Preset Up/Down, Loop/Rec, Hit, Tap Tempo, Effects On/Off/Momentary, Guitar FX, Boost and similar (users should consult the Switch-6 setup menu screen on their units for complete overview of options)

- Heavy-duty metal construction designed for gigging

- Compatible with VoiceLive Touch 2 and VoiceLive 3

- Includes TRS cable

 Note! Switch-6 requires a firmware update of VoiceLive Touch 2 and VoiceLive 3 to function. Updates are available for free download via VoiceSupport - TC-Helicon's free app for PC/Mac.

Find out more: TC-Helicon


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