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Top 5 Stevie Ray Vaughan Tracks According to the Gi Team

As we mark the 24th anniversary of the death of Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Gi team decided we would compile our very own Top 5 Stevie tracks from Double Trouble legend's illustrious music career.

1) "Pride and Joy" was penned and recorded by SRV and Double Trouble and first appeared on his 1983 debut, "Texas Flood." The blues classic features what is widely regarded to be one of Stevie's finest guitar solos.

2) "Crossfire" was co-written by Double Trouble members Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon and Reese Wynans. The track featured on "In-Step" and was one of the most commercially successful Stevie Ray Vaughan song.

 3) It's no secret SRV considered Hendrix as one of his biggest influences and throughout his career covered a number of Hendrix tracks. However, one of the most prominent was his cover of "Little Wing" in which Vaughan discarded the lyrics and expanded the track to seven minutes. He went on to win a Grammy for his efforts in 1992 for Best Instrumental Rock Performance.

 4) "Tightrope" was written by SRV and former Nightcrawlers bandmate Doyle Bramhall. The track featured on 'In-Step' and help secure Best Contemporary Blues Album at the 1989 Grammys.

5) We close our SRV Top 5 with "Texas Flood" which was released on June 13th 1983 and featured on the "Texas Flood" album. The track was first recorded in 1958 by Larry Davis and has been covered by several artists, however Stevie went that bit further and made it part of his repertoire.




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