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TC Electronic Announce Combined TonePrint

TC Electronic announce Combined TonePrint for their line of BG250 Bass Amps.

When TC Electronic fused their game changing TonePrint technology with the BG/BH250 line of lightweight powerhouse bass amps they set the world of bass ablaze.  But like with anything else, when it’s good, you want more! That’s why TC Electronic now have created Combined TonePrints.

Combined TonePrint is simply two TonePrints combined into one, and TC Electronic are kicking off the series with six great Combined TonePrints based on the sweet merger of their famous SpectraComp and TubeDrive, so you can get the exact perfect blend you desire.

The six Combined TonePrints let you dial in everything from highly percussive compression that really makes your slap and pop playing stand out, a sweet singing sustain that resonates forever or anything in between.

But TC Electronic makes it clear that this is just the beginning. They promise that their Combined TonePrint catalogue will continue to be expanded upon with tons of creative combinations of their legendary effects.



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