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AweSome “Life” Guitars Give You Incredible Unequalled Features, Including 35 Pickup Tones

AweSome Musical Instruments has released their amazing new “Life” guitars. Using the familiar Strat-style and Tele-style body shapes, these exceptional entry level guitars combine several incredible features that are not available from anyone else.  Some key features include a smooth-playing, enhanced-sustain maple compound radius fretboard, a long-life Kill Switch, an incredible range of all 35 pickup tones that nobody else can offer, plus many other high-value features.

These models are named “Life” because once you experience the unmatchable and patented range of all 35 pickup tones these guitars offer you it will breathe new Life into your passion for playing. 

These “Life” guitars give you all 35 pickup tones right out of the box. That's 30 more unique pickup tones than any other look-alike guitar. Now you can get all the “hidden” pickup tones that you cannot get with other instruments because they all use that creativity-limiting antique 5-way pickup switch.

Both “Life” guitars give you six DuoBuckerTM pickup tones and four TroikaBuckerTM pickup tones. Imagine having the power to quickly put all three pickup coils in series to get rarely-heard heavy metal tones so “Fat”, they're obese, and also produce numerous incredibly intense country twang tones.

Owning a “Life” guitar is like having up to a dozen unique guitars all rolled into one.  They give you the classic sounds you would expect from a Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul, PRS, as well as every other electric guitar ever made.  These will be the only guitars you will be taking out of the rack.

You can get the complete range of pickup tones that are possible – all on one AweSome “Life” guitar:

Blues, Jazz, Metal, Surf, intense Country twang, glass-shattering pickup tones and dozens of additional subtle pickup tones in between to give you the ultimate “Holy Crap” experience!

Even better, the “Life” Electric Guitars give you the Signature Sounds of ALL the guitar gods of every headliner group since the 1940s. These guitars are for serious players who want quality sound.

When you perform on stage, these “Life” guitars give you dozens of unique and exciting pickup tones that nobody else has.  Your six strings will sound better than you ever thought possible.

Used in the studio, these “Life” guitars give you a huge spectrum of 35 unique pickup tones that you just cannot get with “stock” instruments. Now you can lighten your load with fewer guitars in tow.



Issue #74

Jim Root

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